My Nightmare

Hello!  If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain…If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain!  If you like surfing the web at midnight in the stillness of your life – I’m the Sharepoint site that you’ve looked for, so surf on and lessen your strife!

It’s a work in progress … so stay tuned!

VIDEOS: (in minutes)

What is Sharepoint?  (3:04)   The Microsoft Explanation (9:59)   Top 10 Features of Sharepoint 2013  (37:20)     Lists and Libraries (5:35)

What is Metadata (2:29)     Site Security and User Permissions (3:39)   Content Types:  Understanding (6:33)     Working with (4:28)      Implementing (11:07)

Sharepoint Walk-Thru (20:38)    Document Workspaces (4:08)    Infrastructure and Site Collection  (4:02)     Best Practices (52:15)     Content Management (52:10)

Managing Metadata:  Taxonomy and Tagging (64:01)     Advanced Taxonomy (61:25)     Governance and Term Store Custom Properties (55:46)     Workflows (11:01)

Creating a 3-Step Workflow (18:21)     Workflows and Form Automation (51:48)